Vehicle & Truck Finance Service

Welcome to David Wray Auto – your number one destination for all things vehicle finance related. Our team of financial experts have been in the business for just under two decades and even though our website might be new; what you have here is nothing less than seasoned veterans when it comes to lending.

We’ve been there for clients in need of truck financing solutions for business and commercial needs; but we’re often turned to for personal purchases just as frequently. We specialise in providing top quality, result-driven services to our clients – and if it’s a fantastic lending policy that you’re after, then look no further!

How Can We Help?

We specialise in all things automotive, especially when it comes to taking out loans for vehicles. We aren’t lenders, in fact you can consider us your middle-men and women when it comes to loans. We work alongside fifteen of the most reputable lending bodies and agencies in the country, many of which are happy to extend courteous deals and special discounts to our team in exchange for us connecting them with new clients.

Where we come into the fray is with our ability to compare interest rates on financing solutions, our ability to present our clients with a range of the most beneficial deals available to them and our ability to help with the application process to improve the chance of being approved for the loan. Businesses of all shapes and sizes turn to us when they need help in the form of financial support, as do individuals in need of third party investment to cover the cost of their new vehicle (or fleet).

Why Might You Want to Choose Us?

If you haven’t guessed it already we are one of Australia’s leading financial agencies, and over the years that we’ve been practicing our trade we’ve helped hundreds of people to secure the loans that they have been looking for. As we work directly alongside many lending authorities, we are able to source the fairest deals that our competitors don’t even know exist.

Where we really shine is in our ability to cut through the mass of unbeneficial loan options out there, eliminate high interest rates and then hone in on the most suitable options for our client’s needs – and this is something that we pride ourselves on most highly. We’ve been connecting our clients with the cheapest and most beneficial finance options out there and we’d be more than happy to help you today, too.

To learn more about our services get in touch with David Wray Auto by emailing our team, or you can visit our office in the heart of Melbourne via the details on our contact page